LAROY DUVO Bird Playground Lili 25x25x38cm (LAR11961)

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Bird Playground Lili (25x25x38cm)

Fun playgorund with toys for birds


Your bird will never be bored again with the duvoplus Lili playground. This interactive toy stimulates your bird to move, play and nibble. The playground can easily be attached in the corner of the cage using the wing nut provided. The playground is made from safe, natural BBQ wood and features a selection of colourful toys. Suitable for small to medium-sized birds. Not suitable for outdoor use. Clean the playground regularly using a damp cloth.


  • Interactive playground, stimulates your bird to move, play and nibble
  • Natural BBQ wood
  • Various colorful toys with wooden blocks, willow balls, corn leaves and cotton rope
  • Suitable for use inside or outside the cage
  • Reduces stress and boredom