JZX Turtle Home Black (40 x 24.5 x 13cm)

  1. JZX Turtle Home uses high grade PP plastic material and thickened, durable and safe, no harm to your turtle pets.

  2. It comes with climbing ramp and basking platform, no need to install other accessories. There is a round feeding trough on the basking platform, convenient for feeding.

  3. There is also an area which can be used to grow plants.

  4. Translucent material and no lid design enables you to  view the turtles clearly and conveniently

  5. JZX Turtle Home is also suitable for all kinds of aquatic turtles and semi-aquatic turtles.

  6. Multi-functional area design including climbing ramp area, basking platform, feeding area, breeding hibernation area and swimming area, it gives the turtles a more comfortable home. 

  7. It can also be an ideal home for hermit crabs, crayfish, fish and other small amphibious creatures.