JEBAO MCP-Series Wavemaker(MCP-70, MCP-90, MCP-120, MCP-150)

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JEBAO MCP-Series Wavemaker

Description: New Jebao MCP 70 90 120 150 180 Cross Flow Pump Display with Wifi Control LCD display with WIFI Wave Pump Circulating Pump.



- WIFI operation, LCD screen controller.
- SINE wave technology, ultra quiet, high stable performance.
- Cross wave double impeller structure, water flow no dead end.
- No exposed cooper element, suitable for both marine and fresh water.
- IC electronic detection, dry/locked rotor protection, automation power-off protection upon no water.
- Master and slave wireless control.



Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 55
Dimension: 330 x 74 x 48mm
Tank Size: 150cm
Tank thickness: ≤19mm Specification:


Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 25 Dimension: 283 x 66 x 40mm
Tank Size: 90cm
Tank thickness: ≤8mm Specification:


Voltage: DC 24V
Watts: 18
Dimension: 218 x 62 x 40mm
Tank Size: 80cm
Tank thickness: ≤8mm