JBL TerraBasis -5L (Substrate for rainforest terrariums)


JBL TerraBasis
Substrate for rainforest terrariums

  • For humid and semi-humid terrariums: specialty soil from selected natural products for rainforest terrariums
  • Does not contain fertiliser, high humidity capactity, no mould formation thanks to mould-resistant coconut humus
  • Loose bottom covering provides activity for digging animals
  • For each animal the right ground: information about the animal species it is suitable for is in the product description at the bottom of the bag
  • Contents: substrate, TerraBasis, specialty soil

Substrates suitable for terrarium animals
To give the terrarium animals a home modelled on nature the terrarium needs to be modelled closely on the animals’ biotope. It is crucial that the size of the terrarium suits the animals’ requirements, amongst other factors. During the set up it is important to have the right substrate, plants, air circulation, lighting and the temperature in the terrarium.

Terrabasis – suitable for:
Indian python/royal python, corn snake and western rat snake, king snake, water agama, mountain horned dragon, anolis, green iguana, garter snake, tortoise, tree frog, toad, dart frog, fire-bellied toad, hairy mygalomorph, emperor scorpion, day gecko, chameleon, small tortoises

Easy to use
As required, cover the terrarium bottom with an adequate layer of JBL Terra Basis. Live plants need to be inserted with pots to supply them with commercially available fertilisers.