JBL ProCristal UV-C 18W (Water Clarifier)

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  • Cristal-clear and healthy water: 18 W UV-C clarifier for the quick and efficient elimination of greenish and whitish cloudiness in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Space-saving assembly: connect to external filter. Inlet and outlet are positioned for practical use.
  • Germ-killing UVC radiation, reduces risk of infection, no change to the water values, no effect on cleansing bacteria in the filter
  • TÜV tested, safety switch: automatically switches off the UV-C lamp when the device is opened. Sturdy, UV-resistant casing, 2- glass-cylinder design
  • Package content: complete UV-C device, 5 m cable, UV-C lamp 18 W, socket: 2G11, wall mount, screws, nozzle hose connections for 16 - 32 mm hoses