ISTA M Size Power Material Bio Ceramic - 3L

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  • Unique porous structure provides an ideal environment for bacteria proliferation.
  • Create a stable water condition for plant and fish’s growth
  • Effectively decompose toxic ammonia and nitrite into harmless chemicals
  • Suitable for fresh water and saltwater, and it is recommended to apply with other bio filtering materials


A well developed and balanced filtering system removes all the toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to ensure a healthy and active ecosystem. And the sufficient bacteria is the key. With Bio-Ceramic’s unique porous structure, it provides the biggest area possible for the bacteria colonization. It helps to build up the filtering system quicker. And meanwhile can be an insurance coping with sudden increase of Bio-load which could result from improper feeding habit or sudden increase of fish inhabitances.




Rinse before using. Ideal for all types of filtering system. Simply place the Bio-Ceramic to where water flow passing through.


Suggested Tank Size Amounts


  • 60 Liter – 0.5-2 Liters
  • 180 Liter – 1.5-4 Liters
  • 240 Liters – 3-7 Liters
  • 360 Liters – 5-12 Liters