ISTA energy saving arrayed cooling fan (Single)


ISTA energy saving arrayed cooling fan 

Energy Saving Arrayed Cooling Fan

Effectively cool down temperature 3-5 ℃​

●DC 12V output, energy saving and safety assurance.
●Arrayed design, can choose from single fan to six fans.

●Adjustable wind direction.
●Noiseless, affordable price. 

●Aluminum alloy frame ensure long usage time.


Size Item No. Size Amperage
Single I-C816 125X132X39mm 0.15A
Twin I-C817 213X132X39mm 0.3A
Triple I-C818 301X132X39mm 0.45A
Four I-C819 389X132X39mm 0.6A
Five I-C831 472X132X39mm 0.75A
Six I-C832 560X132X39mm 0.9A