ISTA Basic CO2 Disposable Supply Set (95g Cartridge) (IS-687)

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ISTA Basic CO2 Disposable Supply Set (95g Cartridge) (IS-687)
  • Simply in Setting up and operation.
  • Ceramic provides best diffusing effect.
  • CO2 cartridge no refill problem.



  • Simply in setting up and operation.
  • Precisely adjust CO2 flow rate and unique design of the regulator.
  • Selected ceramic assures the best diffusing effect, easy for ceramic replacement.
  • Pipe holder to prevent CO2 pipe bending.
  • Trendy supporting base application of both stand or to hang.
  • Disposable CO2 cartridge free from refill problem and simply in assembling.
  • Check valve & bubble counter made of acrylic material provides clear of bubble reading and acid resistance. stainless spring design provides most reliable function of stopping back flow.