HAILEA BP-8000 Water Pump

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Hailea BP pumps are compact in size and big on energy savings. Hailea BP pumps consume up to 30% less power as compared to most energy-saving pumps, and up to 50% less power consuming versus standard water pumps.

Since a water pump is running 24x7 in your aquarium, your savings in electricity bills can be quite substantial when you switch to Hailea BP pumps.

Inverter technology, energy efficient Adopts high quality resin to seal the winding for safe use High quality reinforced ABS material, anti corrosive and durable Adopts precise high alumina ceramic shaft and sleeve, which is suitable for fresh/sea water Extremely quiet motor operation

Hailea BP pumps are suitable for:

  • Freshwater Aquarium
  • Marine Aquarium
  • Ponds


Model Flowrate Hmax (m) Size(LxBxH)mm Watts Voltage
BP 6000 6000 LPH 4.5 221x130x185 40 110-120V/60Hz
BP 8000 8000 LPH 5.0 221x130x185 58 110-120V/60Hz
BP 10000 10000 LPH 6.5 235x130x185 73 110-120V/60Hz
BP 12000 12000 LPH 6.8 235x130x185 88 110-120V/60Hz