HAI FENG HF Miracle Red Pellets (Floating) - Small 150g / Medium 240g / Medium 940g


- The product specifically targets on medium-sized to large-sized omnivorous fishes or Cichlid.
- Size of feed comes in medium giving easy intake for the fishes.
- It is also suitable for other fancy tropical fishes.
- Does not contain chemicals such as artificial pigments or growth hormones added, allowing fishes to grow as natural as possible.
- Added krill powder, spirulina and special natural color enhancing substances to provide necessary nutrition for fish growth and to develop their natural color.
- Different types of microelements, minerals are present any physical malfunctions due to nutritional imbalance.
- Contain antioxidant substances.
- Containing polysaccharid immune substances to strengthen immune system hence assuring good health for the fishes.
- There are also unsaturated fatty acid 0mega 3, 7, 9 to facilitate metabolism and enhancing assimilation.
- High level of fish protein and special digestion enzyme for better assimilation, digestion and growth of the fish.
- It also maintains body shape and reducing water pollution possibilities. 
Guaranteed Analysis
Crude protein: 48%
Crude fat: 5.5%
Crude Fiber: 4%
Ash: 15%
Moisture: 9%


Pellet Size

  • Small (1-1.5mm)
  • Medium (2.7-3mm)