GEX Pure Crystal GLASSY CAT 1.5L (GX926647)


Gex Pure Crystal GLASSY CAT 1.5L (GX926647)

A zen-like design made with a beautiful glassy transparent structure
which provides a deep funnel for your dog and
360° 3-way water stream funnel for your cat
from without splashes occurring outside the bowl,
while allowing you to see your pet enjoying quenching its thirst.
Ultra quiet & very low power consumption.

Pure Crystal transform tap water into healthy water, using filtration that removes dirt and impurities,
and always keeps water clean & softened. Funnel design is suitable for scooping up water with tongue.
* When replacing the filter, please use the GEX Pure Crystal exclusive filter (full circle type).”
The No. 1 brand of filter-type drinking fountains for pets in Japan! Recommended by veterinarians.