GEX Hyper Activated Carbon 80g - (2x40g bag) (GX145482)


GEX Hyper Activated Carbon 80g (2x40g bag)

  • Purifies water
  • Absorbs foul smells and odours
  • Absorbs discolouring chemicals (e.g. tannin from driftwood)
  • Absorbs toxic and harmful chemicals
  •  It is not recommended for long term filter media before releasing back toxins into the water. Remember not to keep activated carbon in the aquarium indefinitely.
  • Suitable for freshwater, CRS shrimps, marine/saltwater aquariums. 

Activated carbon absorbs, harmful chemical from your aquarium water. It removes unwanted toxic disolved substance and make the water clean.  However, need to be replaced to avoid toxic substance absorbed saturation.

Activated carbon

Usage Guideline:
Use as a filter media.  Remove and replace once necessary.