Floating Breeding Ring (150mm diameter)

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Breeding ring

An inexpensive alternative to our swimming rearing box with active filtering is this rearing ring without its own filter system. The fine gauze (153 μm) also holds the finest breeding feed such as young Artemia in the basin, which is supplied with fresh water via this gauze (passive filtration). In contrast to a system with active filtering, the permeability of the gauze must be monitored. Timely cleaning is required.

Characteristics of the breeding ring:

  • Extra-fine gauze (153 μm), exchangeable
  • Bubbling airstone for oxygen supply in the ring
  • Styrodur ring holds the ring on the water surface

This rearing ring system from German manual work is cleanly manufactured, technically thought out and available in two sizes (100 mm and 150 mm diameter).

Breeding ring, gauze 153 µm, gauze holder, bubbling airstone, Styrodur ring

Air connection: 4/6 mm for 5 mm air hose