EIHO Worm EX 500ml


Treat internal worms infestation like roundworms, camallanus, nematodes

EIHO Worm EX contains a strong, fast-action anti-worm agent. These worms, such as roundworms, may be present in fishes caught in the wild, as well as fishes fed with live food. Once the worms have established in the gut or intestinal system, it will be difficult for the fish to expel the worms naturally. It can take 1-3 months before the fish exhibits symptoms. During this period, the worms may release more larvae and infect other fishes in the tank.

Symptoms of an infected fish include:
Weight loss even if it is well-fed 
White slimy excretions, that are part of damaged walls cause by large worms
Note that other parasites, such as flagellates, cause similar symptoms (recommended treatment using metro cure)
Swims away from other fishes
Remains at the bottom of tank and may have rotating movement
Bloated abdomen
In camallanus infections, worms (thread-like) may be excreted from fish


Use (1cap) 5ml for every 50L. For treatment of small fish, such as guppy, use half the recommended dosage. Please switch off light and UV. Does not affect bio filter. Treat once a week for 3 weeks to prevent any new infection. Siphon the tank base for dead worms. For feeding, add a few drops onto pellets or flakes and let it dry. Feed the medicated feed to fish every 3 days for 3 weeks to prevent any re-infection.

 For tanks with shrimps and plants, use half the recommended dosage.