EHEIM pickup 45 (Internal Filter)

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The EHEIM pickup is a small practical filter with a special concept 

The filter is simple to attach in the tank with suction cups. The special thing about the concept of the pickup  is that the filter canister together with its cartridge can be removed from above, while the pump unit remains in the tank. This is a very practical solution for cleaning or changing the filter cartridge.  

The pump sucks in the water from below and carries it through the filter cartridge to the top. Here the filtered water is directed back into the tank via the rotatable outlet nozzle. 

Benefits of EHEIM pickup 45

  • Smaller  internal filter for aquariums up to 45 l.
  • Water inlet at filter bottom
  • Rotatable outlet nozzle to adjust outflow direction
  • Filter canister with filter cartridge easy to remove from pump unit from above 
  • Complete with filter cartridge, ready to use 
  • Activated carbon cartridges can also be used (e.g. during aquarium  start-ups or after medication treatment)

EHEIM pickup 45

EAN 4011708200391
Article No. 2006020
UPC (-)
For aquariums up to approx. 45.00 l
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approx. 50.00 l
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour to about 180.00 l
Pumping head approx. (H max at 50 Hz) 0.35 m
Power(50 Hz) to 3.5 watt
Filter volume 0.08 l
Width 50.00 mm
Height 135.00 mm
Depth 63.00 mm
Voltage 230 volt
Standard power plug EUR
Packing 4 Part (s)
Packing dimensions(Width) 11.00 cm
Packing dimensions(Height) 19.00 cm
Packing dimensions(Depth) 6.50 cm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes
For outdoor use no