ECOGRUB Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Freeze Dried) - 200g (ECOG970)

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ECOGRUB Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Freeze Dried) - 200g (ECOG970)

Grown in a controlled environment on a unique diet of clean, vegetable-based food by-products, the ECOGRUB is bursting with nutritious goodness that can boost your pet's health. With its crispy and puffy texture, ECOGRUB is an absolute treat for your pets and will keep them coming back for more.

✔️Build a Stronger Immun System
- Lauric acid in ECOGRUB boost immunity against viral, Fungal and bacterial infections

✔️ Reinforce Structural Health
- Calcium-rich ECOGRUB promotes healthy growth in bone, feathers, muscle and nerve functions

✔️Improve Overall Health
- Omega 3 & 6 in ECOGRUB protects the heart and supports the growth and development of your pet

Suitable for:
Fishes, Birds, Dogs, Cats, Hedgehogs, Turtles, Small Mammals and other insectivorous pets

Mix ECOGRUB with your pet’s diet in 1:5 ratio as daily supplement, or feed as an occasional treat

Storage Instructions:
Reseal after each feeding, Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.