EBO FOODS Insect Meal Professional Softgran 100g (Type 1 / Type 2)


EBO FOODS Insect Meal Professional Softgran 100g (Type 1 / Type 2)

  • Fish food made from larvae of the soldier fly (Hermetia)
  • Granules


Granule size:

  • Type 1 : 1mm
  • Type 2 : 1.8mm



EBO Insect Meal Professional Softgran Premium Fish Food


Many of our fish, from bettas to catfish, feed on insects in the wild. Whether they are flying insects that fall into the water or their aquatic larvae, the table in nature is richly set. These feeding habits have prompted us to develop this special food.

EBO Insect Meal Soft Gran is perfectly tailored to the needs of many animals and supports them in their natural nutrition and development. Made from the larvae of the soldier fly (Hermetia), EBO Insect Soft Gran is the optimal source of protein for our pets.

The natural protein from the soldier fly (25 %), combined with high quality unsaturated fatty acids and the proven SoftGran formula makes this food a very strong addition to our range.

Due to the high protein content of this food, excessive feeding can lead to fatty degeneration, despite its good tolerance and optimal fats. Please do not overfeed the animals! Feed this food only in small quantities! Please ensure a balanced diet!


Additional information

Weight N/A

Vitamin D3 1000 IU

Additives per KG

Trace elements: ferrous sulfate monohydrate 45 mg, calcium iodate, anhydrous 2 mg, copper sulfate pentahydrate 6 mg, manganese sulfate monohydrate 17 mg, zinc sulfate monohydrate 112 mg, antioxidants: 76 mg


Fish and fish by-products, 25 % insects, cereals, vegetables, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, yeasts

Grain size

1 mm, 1,8 mm


Guaranteed Analysis

Min. Crude Protein 44%
Min. Crude Fat 14%
Max. Crude Fiber 1%
Max. Crude Ash 6%
Max. Moisture 7%