DAYANG 1901 Bird Cage Black (39 x 39 x 57cm)

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DAYANG 1901 Bird Cage Black (39 x 39 x 57cm)


Dimensions (cm), 

  • Cage (Top Hatch Closed):     39  (L)    x    39 (Depth)   x   57 (H)       
  • Cage (Top Hatch Opened):     39      (L) x 39    (Depth)   x   72 (H)          
  • Big Gate:                  27      (L) x     31   (H)
  • Small Gate:              12      (L) x     17   (H)
  • Top Hatch/Gate:              21      (L) x     28   (Depth)



  • 3x Adjustable & removable perching sticks,
  • 2x Removable/washable transparent bowls with hood to prevent food from being kicked out etc. 
  • 1x Front facing main gate, with clip on latch,
  • 1x Front facing small gate, with clip on latch,
  • Removable base tray
  • Raised cage tray/sides to prevent waste from being blown out of the tray,
  • Sturdy and solid metal bird cage, not flimsy or easily bent. excellent to prevent jail breaks,
  • Slightly matte / frosted black finishing on the cage metal.


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