CZ AQUA Refresh (Vitamins For Reducing Stress) - 100ml


Refresh - Vitamin For All Ornametal Fish
- Helps reduce stress from long travels so fish can bounce back faster.
- Helps reduce stress from temperature change to avoid fish from getting ich.
- Helps stimulate immune system to keep fish from easily getting sick.
- Use with medication on sick fish for faster recovery
- Use in Quarantine tanks for all new fish arrivals

How to use :
To reduce stress from Transport or Environment (Temperature, Ph, Water) Changes :
Mix 5ml of Refresh to every 100 liters of water, every day for 3 days.
For Quarantine and treatment with medication :
Mix 5ml of Refresh to tank water everyday and change 30% water every. For 5-7 days, or until the extent of treatment.

After use water may cloud for about 2 days , due to natural vitamin added , should clean within 2-3days
Turn off the light, when using this product, around 1 hour

Refresh!! LIQUID