CZ AQUA Kill (Terminate External Parasites) - 50g


Kill - cure external parasites and quarantine (new fish and sick fish)
- cleaning live food to rid parasites.
- No carcinogen.
- can be used for all kind of fish for killing white spot.
- killing parasites such as:
  *hexamita (hole in the head )
  *Tetrahymena (guppy killing disease)
  *cloudy mucus in discus
  *skin fluke, gill fluke

How to use:
*Clean live food -5g - 1litres
  - put live stock to containers can be measured, leave it 3-5minutes, wash 2-3times.
*Clean tank to prevent infection 10g - 50litres (Tank must no fish)
  - leaves it 1-2days, then clean with clean with clear water (filter must operate)
*Treatment and quarantine -5g - 50litres
  - leaves it for 3 days, change water 50%, repeat 3 time (day 1,4,7)
  - please use it in -28c
  - Do not overdose.