CLOVERLEAF Absolute Wormer Plus - 20g (Effective against internal/external worms)


Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Wormer Plus 20g Discus Internal External Worms. 

  • Aquarium Anti Worm Medication
  • Effective treatment of internal and external worms
  • Rapidly reduces gut parasite burden on freshwater fish
  • 50g Treats 22,700L

Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer with added pH buffer is effective against outbreaks of Skin flukes (Gyrodactylus), gill flukes (Dactylogyrus), Internal worms (Nematodes), Hexamita, Anchor worm (Lernea), Leeches (Piscicola) and Fish Lice (Argulus).

Absolute Wormer uses flubendazole as it's the main active ingredient and provides a ready-mixed formula for the treatment of internal parasites, worms, flukes and protozoa like Hexamita which affects Tropical And Coldwater fish Discus and livebearers such as guppies, mollies and platy are most prone to attack from gut parasites, we recommend treating the aquarium once every 4 weeks to maintain a healthy environment.
Absolute Wormer is safe to use with Aquarium Plants and will not harm the filter bacteria



Add 1ml per 100gal (454L) of Aquarium Water (1ml spoon included). Simply dissolve the required amount of Absolute Wormer into a container of aquarium water, shake vigorously for 1 minute and then distribute evenly across the aquarium surface.
Remember to turn off any UV sterilisers for 48hr after adding this medication.
Do not use in aquariums containing Sting Rays, Week Old Fish Fry, Shrimp, Snails & Other Crustaceans or Molluscs.