BIOLOARK TERRA FD-200 Terrarium bowl


****Product does not include scaping inside the terrarium****

Suitable for Terrarium / Mini Paludarium
Built in LED light and adjustable ventilation.
To water the plants, water drips through a tiny hole in the lid
Very decorative design
A variety of shapes and sizes to fit every living or work space.

 The Glass Pot is a handmade glass container with aluminum alloy lid LED in a very attractive design. This sophisticated planter is particularly suitable for the cultivation of plants that prefer high humidity.

Adequate gas exchange is ensured by small holes in the upper part of the glass container body.

Watering becomes a very easy task thanks to a tiny hole in the center of the lid. The irrigation water is simply poured into the glass lid and immediately it begins to drip down onto the plant.

The Glass Pot offers many planting options. Whether it's epiphytic orchids tied to a piece of root wood, a ball-shaped wabikusa with emersed plants, or a mini paludarium, there are no limits to small-scale gardening design. Create beautiful terrarium scenes with these stunning glass Bio Bottles. 

Bio Bottle FD200
Width 220mm
Height 410mm
Volume 14.4L
LED 5W 5600k