BCUK Mysis RS Liquid - 250ml

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Our Mysis RS Liquid feeds are supplied in 250ml bottles and are ideal for use in dosing systems. This product has a shelf life (in ambient conditions) of 12 months so there is no need to chill or freeze, simply use straight out of the bottle.


Prepared with care at our UK based factory, the product contains the same high quality whole Mysis Relicta material found in our frozen and dried ranges.


Mysis RS is made up of 100% whole freshwater Mysis Relicta which is often confused with other Mysis products that are sold around the world.
Mysis Relicta is harvested in British Columbia freshwater lakes and is now recognised as being one of the most nutritionally complete foods
in the aquarium and aquaculture industry.

 Contents: Mysis Relicta Shrimp, Water, EU Permitted Antioxidant