ARISTO CATS Natural Pine With Activated Carbon Cat Litter - 10kg (RB010)

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Aristo Cat Activated Carbon Natural Pine Cat Litter is a natural high-quality standard product. It is manufactured using 100% high-quality Russian pine wood shavings with no chemicals added duringthe manufacturing process. It is a good source of purification properties that potentially control harmful & pleasant odours has been included to effectively control odours both inside & surrounding of the cat litter tray.


  • Hygienic-Litter will not stick on fur and paws, dust free.
  • Environmental friendly-Biodegradable, and can even be used as fertiliser in the garden.
  • Naturally removes odour-A light natural pine scent is released when the litter is wet. Added activated carbon also reduces odour.
  • Superb absorption rate and capacity-Instant absorption with the ability to absorb up to 3 times the weight of each pine pellet.
  • Dust free-Each pellet is highly compressed andwill not break easily.
  • Cost saving-Less litter is used each time due to its high absorption. Tray only need to be filled to 5cm in height.
  • Ease of use-Only the solid waste needs to be removed, reducing the amount of washing required for the litter tray.