Neo soil for plants is made with volcanic soil and optimized for growth of aquatic plants,
making it easy for beginners and better for the experienced to grow aquatic plants.

Containing material that promotes beneficial bacteria

Upon contact with water, it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and helps the aquatic plants absorb nutrients in the soil.


Fast activation of the bottom

Activation of the bottom makes roots of aquatic plants absorb the nutrition effectively, which enables to grow abundantly with less fertilizer preventing bad algae in advance.

Maintaining stable water quality

Since NH3/NH4 and NO2 disappear very quickly at the beginning of the setting, there is little chance of bad algae

DAY NH3/NH4(mg/l) NO2(mg/l) NO3(mg/l)
Original Water 0 0 12.5
2016.04.05 0.3 3 100
2016.04.11 0 0 50
2016.04.18 0 0 25
2016.04.23 0 0


Excellent adsorptive power

As seen at the methylene blue test below, it adsorbs pollutants in the aquarium continuously. This adsorption power is the feature of Neo soil different from others such as similar soils or black soils

Specialized in carpeting plants

Without any fertilizers and additives, even beginners can easily complete carpeting plants within 2 months.