AQUARIO NEO CO2 Set 50 days (Including Mini U type Diffuser)



NEO CO2 Refill provides 50 days supply of CO2 (depends on climate). Includes a Mini U Type Diffuser that produces fine CO2 mist into aquarium water for plant growth.

  • Constant CO2 release
  • Comes with diffuser
  • Diffusor made of acrylic glass
  • Produces finest CO2 mist
  • Refill sets available

How It Works

MEP CO2 s a bio CO2 solution that features a longer reaction time with a more constant CO2 production compared to other CO2 solutions.

The sugar resides in a gel that forms inside the bottle, the yeast gradually dissolves the gel and the sugar in it from top to bottom. Depending on the temperature the yeast solution above the gel becomes inactive due to the increasing amount of alcohol after 20-60 days.

When that happens the yeast solution simply is exchanged with a new one, the gel can remain in the bottle until it is completely spent. Refill sets including gel and yeast are available.

For better results in hot Singapore climate, please use "Bake King Instant Yeast" instead of the yeast that is included in the package.