AQUARIO NEO CO2 Diffuser Curved Special - S / M / L

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The AQUARIO NEO CO2 Diffusor Curved Special is an acrylic CO2 Diffusor that brings the features of the NEO Special Type and upgrades them with yet another smart attribute. It is equipped with a very narrow diffusor body and the connection to the pipe at its side. This special small design ensures a fine integration of the diffusor into small and nano tanks. The particular ceramic membrane produces a fine mist and the CO2 gets dissolved very quickly. Moreover, this diffusor has curved tube ends which make it easy to hang the diffuser over the edge of the tank so that unattractive hoses do not disturb the eye anymore.


For finest bubbles it is advisable to put the diffusor into water for 10 minutes, so that all membrane pores get soked completely. If the bubbles get bigger with time, you can clean the membrane with bleach. You will find a detailed describtion below.


AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Curved Special - Small
Height 230 mm
Width 39 mm
Membrane diameter 12 mm
Fits hose 4/6 mm
Width of the clip 9 mm
AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Curved Special - Medium
Height 280 mm
Width 43 mm
Membrane diameter 17mm
Fits hose 4/6 mm
Width of the clip 9 mm
AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Curved Special - Large
Height 340 mm
Width 54 mm
Membrane diameter 24mm
Fits hose 4/6 mm
Width of the clip 9 mm


When algae start forming on your PETG equipment or when larger and larger bubbles emerge from your ceramic diffusor it is time for cleaning. PETG-ware is easy to clean, however, it should be done diligently. After the cleaning process, your PETG products will be as good as new.

  • You'll need a household bleach containing chlorine without perfumes. When working with chlorine bleach, please make sure you absolutely observe the manufacturer's safety notes.
  • Pour some of the bleach into a container and mix with an equal amount of water. Mix so much of this solution that the PETG products you wish to clean are entirely covered
  • Soak the PETG-ware in the solution for ½ - 1 hours (depending on the severity of the stains)
  • Take it out and rinse thoroughly
  • Now all the stains ought to be gone, and your PETG-ware should shine as if new
  • Attention: Do not add vinegar to chlorine! Risk of death!