ADA Pollen Glass Beetle (CO2) - 30mm / 40mm

Pollen Glass beetle is a CO2 / Air diffuser for aquarium, which virtually pollinates the entire aquarium with tiny carbon dioxide / air bubbles. Pollen Glass is hand made from high quality Japanese glass.
Unique design Beetle sits conveniently on an inside corner of an aquarium tank. For a large size tank, Beetle can be placed on multiple numbers of corners. 
*Pollen Glass Beetle 30Ø is suitable for 90cm size tank, 40Ø for 90-120cm tank, and 50Ø for 120-180cm tank.

30MM specifications: Use on tanks ~90 cm  (~50 US Gallon)
40MM specifications: Use on tanks 90cm ~ 120cm Tank (50 ~ 80 Gallon)