ADA Cube Garden (60x30x25cm/5mm) - (102-866)

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Three new sizes have been added to the glass aquarium “Cube Garden” recently are perfect for Nature Aquarium.
With Cube Garden in W60×D30×H25(cm)and W45×D27×H20(cm), the equipment can be easily installed by reviewing the size of the conventional flat aquarium. It is suitable for creating an Aqua Terrarium with emersed plants or a panoramic aquascape with small layout materials.
Please enjoy creating cutting-edge aquascapes with Cube Garden in new sizes.
Create something more natural than Nature. Bring Nature to your everyday life. The Nature Aquarium is a proposal to construct your own piece of Nature with all its beauty, as a part of the interior design of your home. Simplicity and Clarity are the two key factors we paid close attention to in designing aquarium tanks for The Nature Aquarium. Eliminating plastic frames and refining the use of silicon as not to clash the clarity of the glass made of selected material. The Nature Aquarium concept has succeeded to design glass aquarium tanks that give your aquascapes a boundless panorama.

Specifications for W60xD30xH25cm High Clarity Glass Aquarium:
  • Hand-made by specialized craftsmen with high-quality glass and highly durable silicon. 
  • 2-year quality warranty 
  • 60x30x25cm (approx:24"x12"x9.84") 
  • Glass thickness: 5mm 
  • Volume: 10.8 Gallons