VOONLINE Top Off Water (Tank 13 x 12 x 19cm) | Auto Refill Water | Expand space for fish | Broken Resistant

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VOONLINE Top Refill Water Tank is used on the main tank as a top refill auxiliary one, which for auto refill water and expand the space for fish based on the principle of atmospheric pressure.


  • Model: VL-230
  • Tank Size: 13x12x19cm
  • Suit for thickness of main tank: <16mm
  • Material: Acrylic



1. Insert the top slot of three fixing clamps into the corners of the main tank as shown in the following figure.

2. Make sure that the water in the main tank is not lower than the VOONLINE logo position of the fixing clamps.

3. With the opening of the top refill water tank facing down, the 3 tank corners of the top refill water tank snap into the corner slots on the fixing clamps, and tighten the bolts on the fixing clamps to the main tank.

4. Water injection method (1): After removing the top refill tank and filling it with water, stand it upside down in the water of the main tank with the opening facing down, make sure the opening of top-off tank is always in the water, and slowly fastened into the three corner slots of the fixing clamps to fix it.

Water injection method (2): After placing the top-off tank upside down on the fixed clamps, use an optional water changer to squeeze the airbag to suck away the air in the top-off tank, and the water is filled.