POWERHOUSE Airsky Soil Black (M) - 3L / 8L

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POWER HOUSE Airsky Soil Black (M) - 3L / 8L
Air Sky (Soil) is specially selected for aquariums. It creates a clear and clean aquarium environment.
Formulated with high quality natural ingredients, it is sintered at low temperatures in rotary kiln to create a high performance soil with a porous and filtration capacity (adsorption).
It has abundant minerals (organic acids) which is highly suitable for aquariums for shrimps, fishes which prefers a slightly acidic environment for plants as well.
Air Sky (Soil) reduces pH and KH, rendering the water slightly acidic and soft.


45cm water tank (about 35L): 6-8L
60cm water tank (about 57L):8-11L
90cm water tank (about 157L): 24-32L

Grain size:M grain size (2.5mm-3.0mm)