SUNSUN JUP-02 UV Internal Filter (UV5W)


Suitable for tanks up to 40-gallons 

  • Dimension: 10" L X 3" W X 2.75" H 
  • Flow rate: 132 gallon per hour 
  • 5 Watt UV light 
  • Submariner UV Sterilizer/Clarifier helps neutralize harmful microorganisms & free-floating algae 
  • Preassembled aquarium UV sterilizer requires no additional pump or plumbing 
  • Suitable for both freshwater, saltwater and pond use

JUP-02 UV filter pump is a pump filter and UV germicidal lamp, with a small, beautiful appearance, easy to use, easy installation and maintenance features, in fresh and salt water can be applied.
Filter pump to pump water through the UV lamp hole, in this process, the water is thoroughly filtered ultraviolet clean.
This UV filter pump can be quickly and easily a lot of water to kill algae, bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms. In addition, the filter pump can be installed anywhere in aquariums and ponds.