SHIRUBA Battery Operated Air Pump K101 (SHRK101)

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The Shiruba K101 Battery Air Pump is a portable air pump that delivers strong air flow. Silent and energy-efficient, the pump is able to run over 20 hours using 2 x type D batteries.

Its design is compact, durable and reliable.


It is ideal for outdoor use. Being portable, you can take it on fishing trips to aerate your temporary fish containers. The Shiruba K101 Battery Air Pump will come in handy during an electrical blackout as an emergency pump for your aquarium.


  • Power: Type D Battery x 2
  • Average duration (hrs): >20
  • Dimension (mm): (L)135x(W)79x(H)47
  • Aquarium size up to (L): < 40
  • Pump output approx. (L/min): 0.7