RIO Nitrate + Nitrite Pad (Filtration Wool)

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The Rio Nitrate+Nitrite Pad is a universal filtration media that neutralizes nitrates and nitrites. This versatile pad uses natural aerobic bacteria to remove these toxins from your aquarium or pond, and can be cut to fit a variety of filtration systems to keep your water clean and healthy.

  • Neutralizes nitrate & nitrite
  • Utilizes natural aerobic bacteria
  • Universal filter pad - just cut to fit
  • For freshwater aquatic environments

Use in virtually any type of aquatic filtering system, including: Hang On Back filters, Canister filters, Wet and Dry filters, Top filters, Internal filters and Pond filters.

The Rio Nitrate+Nitrite Pad is a tightly woven chemical filter pad that utilizes beneficial enzyme bacteria and zeolite to absorb Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3).

1. Cut the Nitrate+Nitrite Pad slightly larger than required.
2. Verify that the pad fits and trim if needed.
3. Rinse in tap water to remove dust and place in filter.

Replace every 4-6 weeks, or when required.

Active Ingredients: Enzyme Bacteria and Zeolite