PROFEED (PF) OXi Air Pump - T1 / T2 / T3


• Place air pump 25 cm above the water surface of the fish tank to avoid inflow of water when the air pump is stopped. If placed below the suggested level, use a check valve.

• Clean air filter regularly.

• Air pump is not waterproof. Avoid water from entering air pump.

• When air pump produces abnormal sound or when casing is overheated, unplug the power plug immediately and stop using it.

• Do not take the air pump apart or administer self-repair.

• Do not place air pump near flammable/explosive materials.


• Adopts new generation of magnetic levitation technology

• Ultra-silent, silent enough to be used even in the bedroom

• Strong and powerful air output

• Energy-saving

• Can be used for any type of aquarium



  • T1 | 2W | 1.5L/min (1 outlet) | 0.8m and below tank
  • T2 | 3W | 3.5L/min (1 outlet) | 1.2m and below tank
  • T3 | 6W | 4.5/min (2 outlet) | 1.6m and below tank