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KH+ : Increase in KH values

KH+ : Increase in KH values

KH+ is intended for freshwater aquariums. KH+ increases KH values to adapt them to the aquarium biotope

Prodibio - KH+ - Increase in KH values

KH+ information


  • KH or carbonate hardness refers mainly to the quantity of carbonate ions (CO32-) and hydrogen carbonates (HCO3-) present in  the water.
  • KH measures the buffering capacity of water, in other words, its ability to withstand variations in pH. The higher its value, the harder it will be to vary the pH.
  • KH values need to be adapted to those of the aquarium biotope.

When should GH+ be used ?


  • When KH values are not adapted to the aquarium biotope

How to use GH+ ?

One dose of KH+ increases the overall hardness of 100 liters (25 gal) of water by 3° KH. Close immediately after use. Keep out of reach of children.