PRODIBIO BIOVERT PLUS - 100ml (Supplement for aquarium plants - low to medium planted))

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BIOVERT PLUS is a growth supplement optimized for aquatic plants. It is intended for small to medium-planted aquariums that host a medium to large population of fish.

BIOVERT PLUS contains phyto-hormones selected for their ability to develop plant growth, enhance their vitality and improve leaf development. It provides potassium, calcium, magnesium, trace elements, and bioavailable iron for plants. It contains neither nitrate nor phosphate.

Directions of use : as a general rule, once a week and/or after a water change. This dosage can be changed to once every 3 days if required. Pour directly in the aquarium at the filter exit.



• Aquarium from 0 to 100 L (0 - 26 Gal): 0 à 2,5 ml

• Aquarium from 100 to 200 L (26 - 53 Gal): 2,5 à 5 ml

• Aquarium from 700 to 800 L (185 - 211 Gal): 17,5 à 20 ml