PRO FEED PF Premium Sora Tank Mat (Various Sizes)

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PRO FEED PF Premium Sora Tank Mat


A durable cushioning mat that absorbs micro shocks and vibration protects the tank from damage and promotes stress-free healthy fish development.
Sora Premium Tank Mat is the premium aquarium protection mat made of durable, shock-absorbent material. The mat cushions the aquarium against knocks and slips, and minimizes vibration in the external environment from affecting fishes.
It is an indispensable mat for your prized aquarium tank. Simply lay the mat on the aquarium stand/cabinet and place the aquarium tank on the mat.
Sizes Available:
  1. 30x30cm
  2. 45x30cm
  3. 60x30cm
  4. 60x45cm
  5. 90x45cm 
Color: Black