ORCA LAB Micron Ion-X 200-Micron Mesh Filter Bag

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200 – Micron Mesh Bag



MICRON ION-X 200-micron mesh bag is the toughest, most durable media bag on the market today. It has a highly durable double stitched edge giving the bag maximum strength. The bag opens and seals with Velcro, making it the most convenient bag on the market. It is also resistant to chemicals such as chlorine, acids and caustic chemicals.  

The picture to the right shows the double folded, double stitched seams of the MICRON ION-X Filter bag. The Velcro strip easily and conveniently seals the bag and prevents even the finest of media escaping. The closest rival to our product is Seachem’s The Bag which is made from the same material, but, does not have any of these features. The MICRON ION-X Filter Media bags is by far the toughest, most convenient and durable bag on the market today.

Dimensions: 120mm x 250mm