NUTRICOTE 18-6-8 (100 days controlled release fertilizer) - 200g ** Recommended for use with non-variegated plants **

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** Recommended for use with non-variegated plants **

** For variegated plants, use 13-11-11 180 days formula **

Nutricote 18-6-8 100 days is a 100% controlled-release homogenous fertilizer that provides nourishment to your plants and is designed to continuously release essential nutrients within a 100-day period.

It contains a complete package of N-P-K with a higher percentage of nitrate nitrogen, along with micronutrients that your foliage needs to grow strong and healthy. The higher nitrate nitrogen content encourages faster new leaf growth.

Made in Japan, Nutricote’s proprietary technology ensures uniform nutrient release over a 100days period.

To use, simply sprinkle Nutricote on top of your potting medium (around the plant) or mix it into your medium as desired.

Avg. Dosage on 6inch round pot every 2months:
- Sensitive plants with delicate roots – 0.5-1tsp
- Hardy plants – 1.5-2ts