NOMOYPET NX-23 Turtle Tank - 45cm / 60cm

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***Glass thickness: 5mm

NX-23 (Medium / 45cm)
L x W x H (cm): 45 x 25 x 25

NX-23 (Large / 60cm)
L x W x H (cm): 60 x 30 x 28


  • High clarity, low distortion glass allows for a much clearer, true to color viewing experience.
  • Rubber studs to suspend the tank above ground for siphoning.
  • Beveled edges are blunt and therefore child friendly.
  • Glass has undergone treatment to improve resistance to impact, thus reducing the possibility of shattering.
  • Outflow hose is capped with a valve control, to adjust the flow rate. 
  • Valve control pipe ending is barbed to allow for additional hose connection / extension

***Adult assistance and supervision is advised when shifting the tank.