NITEANGEL Soft Cork Granules Bedding (Small) - 4L / 11L

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NITEANGEL Soft Cork Granules Bedding - 4L / 11L

How to keep hamsters well-being?

Hamsters like to dig and store food, so they need to be built with multiple hideout. Not getting enough exercise and recreation will make hamsters anxious. In addition, hamsters are very sensitive to smells and prefer a dry and clean hideout, so please change your hamster's bedding on time.


What Is Material of The Niteangel Hamster Bedding?

We choose the whole oak bark raw material, no fragrance or color added, which is strictly crushed and dried at high temperature. The hamster bedding particles are full and uniform, and the texture is soft. In addition, oaks have strong Absorption which can help you absorb the annoying smell of the habitat and keep small animal well-being.


  • [Natural Materials & Soft Delicate] Niteangel hamster bedding is made of selected natural cork materials, the soft and delicate material will give the hamster to dig and play without hurting its paws, you just need to sprinkle hamster bedding in the hamster cage, let the hamster enjoy the happy of digging and nesting.
  • [Low Dust & No Additives] Hamsters love to dig and store food, Hamster bedding is easy to imitate nature hamster habitat, encourage the digging and burrowing of rodent pets, it can hide itself in a hamster Bedding, What's more, the small pet bedding is safe and has no additives, Low-dust keeps hamsters well-breathing.
  • [Create a Cozy Hamster Hideout] Natural cork granule materials give you to easily build a comfortable habitat theme for your little furry friend, you can hide some food or snacks in the hamster bedding, bringing a more ways to play and interact with hamsters, even if hamsters as a chewing toys will not cause danger.
  • [Strong Absorption & Easy To Clean] The natural cork material can absorb the annoying smell in the habitat very well, Keep the hamster hideout dry and clean, Your hamster will love to dig and roll on it for entertainment, It's a great way to keep your pet happy , For the well-being of the hamster, please change the hamster bedding in time.
  • [Ideal Bedding for Small Animals] Natural hamster bedding is perfect for guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mices, degus and other small pets! Unlike other strong-smelling bedding, Niteangel hamster bedding can be more attractive to hamsters and be more comfortable for furry friends who are very sensitive to smell.