NETLEA AT5 Lamp D Series - D45 / D60


The Netlea AT5 Pro product is one of the latest breakthrough products with 4-in-1 LED technology (WRGB) that delivers new, natural and suitable light quality for the home. all aquatic plants.

Product information

Netlea AT5 Netlea AT5 light is a line of trough lights from the Netlea brand. New product with a breakthrough in current new 4-in-1 LED technology. After what the Netlea RGB line of lights can do, this is definitely one of the most anticipated new products from Netlea in the second half of 2020.

Advantages of Netlea AT5

With what this LED line has shown, you will certainly be satisfied with the advantages that this line of lights has been providing.

Control by APP to customize colors as required.

4-color LED bulb in 1 (WRGB), for better color coordination, efficiency and suitable for all types of aquatic plants

Beautifully designed with monolithic aluminum trough.

Better heat dissipation thanks to a new cooling system with 4 included fans LED lamp life up to 50000 hours of use.

Spectral parameter table with extremely good index.



  • D45
  • D60