JZX Air Lifters with 20 PPI Sponge Filter - 16mm / 20mm / 25mm

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Silent air-driven lift tubes.
Create flow in the aquarium.
Parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning.
Just 4 parts, no O-rings or glued airline nipples.
More energy efficient than powerfilters.
More cost effective than pumps.
Essentially unlimited lifespan.

 small 16 mm:
45-55 gal/h or 180-220 L/h water with 40-50 L/h air supplied.
medium 20 mm:
75-125 gal/h or 300-500 L/h water with 80-120 L/h air supplied.
large 25 mm:
185-210 gal/h or 700-800 L/h water with 180-200 L/h air supplied.



Sponge Filter : 20PPI