JBL AquaEX Set 45-70

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JBL AquaEX Set 45-70

Item#: J61410

Gravel cleaner for aquariums with 45-70 cm in height

  • Siphons metabolites, food and plant remains (sludge) from the aquarium bottom. Convenient: with automatic suction device for a water level of 45 - 70 cm.
  • Easy installation: connect the hose to the gravel cleaner, attach the hose with stopcock to the bucket, insert the cleaner – activate with shaking movements. Push the gravel cleaner into the ground, water suction siphons the debris
  • Automatic suction device (no priming by mouth required), cleans places which are difficult to reach: round cross section with “corner”, cleaning claw to adjust suction strength, internal diameter 40 mm
  • Protective sieve to prevent plants and fish getting sucked in
  • Package contents: 1 gravel cleaner Aqua Ex Set. Size: 45 – 70 cm, Ø 40 mm, incl. 2 m hose (12/16 mm), 2 hose clips, cockstop

Dirt on the bottom 
Food and plant remains and metabolic products form debris on the bottom of the aquarium (sludge). In case of oxygen deficiency in the aquarium there is the risk of putrefaction processes at the bottom caused by the debris. Putrefaction endangers the health of the aquarium inhabitants. It is therefore advisable to clean the bottom regularly. 

Easy handling 
Connect hose on one end to the stopcock on other end to the gravel cleaner. Use the clip to attach the end with the stopcock to a bucket. The clip prevents the hose slipping out of the bucket. Hold the gravel cleaner into the water and activate it by shaking (no suction by mouth required). Move the gravel cleaner inch by inch through the gravel of the aquarium bottom. Finish by clipping the gravel cleaner to the aquarium rim and close the stopcock. 

Cleans thoroughly 
The small round cross section enables you to clean places which are difficult to reach. The edge at the corner of the gravel cleaner allows you to clean into the aquarium corners. Suction strength can be adjusted with cleaning claw. 

Safe operation 
Thanks to the built-in protective sieve it is impossible for fish or plants to be sucked in.