JACKO Organic Fertiliser (Plant Fertiliser) - 2.5L (~1kg)

Let Jacko Organic Fertiliser help your garden grow and glow organically with natural boosted leaf growth, rejuvenating your soil, and ensuring even and continual leaf and veggie growth.
Jacko Organic Fertiliser is natural, organic, sustainable, odourless and suitable for all plants & edible. With its one of a kind fertiliser packaging, it is well designed and thought of BY an urban gardener FOR urban gardeners. The screw-able mouth opening and slanted design allow urban gardeners to pour the fertiliser easily into individual pots and store away in shelf neatly after use. Perfect for urban gardeners with small space or anyone who appreciate a neat and organised garden space. 💚
Benefits include:
- 100% organic and natural plant food, perfect for edible plants
- A live product teeming with beneficial soil microbes to boost soil health
- High in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for boosting leafy growth
- boosts immune system of plans by making it stronger against disease and pathogens
- Odorless
- use it at home with no worries about smell
- Fine powdery form and easy to use as soil mix or top soil
- Safe for use around children and pets
🌱 Usage instructions:
- New Soil Mix :
Mix 1 part Jacko Organic Fertiliser with 4 part soil for a rich in nutrient soil mix.
- Existing Soil Mix/Plant Food Cover top soil with Jacko Organic Fertiliser as needed and reapply once every 2 weeks.