JACKO Black Gold - 50g

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This Black Gold organic microbial granules is an ultra-concentrated version of our Jacko Liquid Gold, perfect for seasoned growers who wants to save time and effort in maintaining a lush garden. As the ultra-concentrated formula of Jacko Black Gold can live in soil for up to 6 months period (replenishment is needed to maintain optimal colony of bacteria),
it is an easy solution to just sprinkle and forget!

These are the 4 main microbes in Black Gold:
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens-
A root-colonizing biocontrol microbe, and is used to fight some plant root pathogens.

Bacillus licheniformis strain-
Prevents and treat many fungal diseases.

Bacillus megaterium-
An agent for the biocontrol of plant diseases and promotes Nitrogen fixation.

Bacillus Subtillis-
Releases phosphorus build up by helping to release the phosphate bonds and distribute the phosphate throughout the different plants throughout the entire growing season.

Plants in Pots
Use 1 Jacko Black Gold spoon (or a teaspoon) for each standard pot size of 6”. Water the plant per it’s watering requirement.
Top up Black Gold into pot every 3 weeks.

CAUTION: Allow 72hours gap with any fungicide or pesticide
usage between (before and after) microbes application.

As Soil Mix or in Raised Bed
Depending on spacing between plants, use 1 Jacko Black Gold spoon (or a teaspoon) around the root area of the plant. For Soil Mix, use 1 Jacko Black Gold spoon for every 1000 parts of soil mix.