ISTA CO2 Indicator (IS-506)

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CO2 Indicator
  • Monitor CO2 level accurately in fresh water tank.
  • Transparent acrylic material of indicator allows correct color reading.
  • Special structure design allows no chance of solution spilling out from the indicator.
  • Water-proof color chart sticker is reusable.


  • Provides continuous and accurate monitoring of CO2 level in fresh water aquarium.
  • Acrylic made viewing window for clear color reading.
  • Indicator can be turned and adjusted in various positions for better viewing (Outlet of the airspace must face down).
<To set up>
  1. Take apart the "airspace cap"
  2. Add 1cc of indicator solution to the reservoir then reattach the "airspace cap" firmly to the indicator.
  3. Keep the outlet of the airspace facing down, submerse the CO2 indicator and attach to the desired location in the tank.
  4. Place the color chart sticker over the suction cup position of the CO2 indicator on the outside of the tank.
  5. Compare the color of solution to the color chart sticker to read the CO2 level in your tank.
  6. Change solution evey 2 weeks or after every water change.