ISTA CO2 Disposable Supply Set (16g Cartridge) (IS-507)

ISTA CO2 Disposable Supply Set (16g Cartridge) (IS-507)
  • Disposable 16g CO2 cartridge included to be free from CO2 refilling.
  • Trendy supporting rack included, provides convenient and easy installation.
  • High quality CO2 flow regulator provides constant and reliable CO2 supply.
  • Smart and quality acrylic diffuser promises the best diffusing effect.
  • Apply to 50 times of CO2 injection to the diffuser set.
  1. Fasten the CO2 out let controlling node to the closed position.
  2. Connect and fasten the pressure regulator to the CO2 cartridge until needle valve of the CO2 regulator punch through the CO2 cartridge to enable the CO2 release from the cartridge.
  3. Connect the CO2 out let of the CO2 flow regulator and the diffuser set with a CO2 pipe.
  4. Submerse and fasten the diffuser set in the tank then release remaining air in the diffuser set.
  5. Gently and slowly turn on the controlling node of the CO2 flow regulator to inject the CO2 to the diffuser until the diffuser is completely full of CO2 gas.
  • Only turn loose the pressure regulator from the CO2 cartridge after the CO2 cartridge is completely empty.
  • To have the best effect, release remaining CO2 inside the diffuser set before CO2 refilling.