(IFT) Black Solider Fly Organic Fertiliser - 4L

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Perfect for horticulture and home gardening use!

Black Soldier Fly Frass is the left-over product from growing black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), including larvae waste, exoskeleton sheds and remaining feed ingredients.

This all-natural fertilizer contains a nutrient dense blend of N-P-K and minerals.

All larvae are grown right here in a SFA-approved facility in Singapore and fed a diet composed of human-grade consumption pre-consumer by-product from soybean.

Key Product


1. Nutrient-rich and adds healthy organic volume to soil to boost plant growth

2. Contains chitin, a natural plant immunity booster that control pathogens and fungus

3. Suitable for home and corridor use with minimal odour; DOES NOT ATTRACT BUGS

4. Sustainably produced in Singapore from Black Soldier Fly fed with quality organic food waste


Nutritional Value:

pH Value: 7.9 (Helps reduce soil acidity!)

NPK Ratio: 3:3:5 Contains a homogenous mixture of organic substrate, larvae castings, and other microbial nutrients.


🌱2 ways to use:

1) Spread 2 handfuls of frass per 5L of soil on top of the pot weekly. Suitable for leafy vegetables and fruit trees.


2) Pre-mix 3 parts of soil to 1 part of frass for use as nutrient-rich soil compost. Suitable for potted plants and seedlings